Meet Saffie Mbye, the new wife of Modou Barrow

Saffie Mbye was an obscure wanna-be model before her secret marriage to the country’s most popular international footballer, Modou Barrow.

Since her marriage to Modou, the young beauty’s name is on the wagging tongues of many and has become quite a sensation overnight.

Born in Pipeline, Saffie was a sprouting model when he met the English Premier League star.

She attended the famous West African International School (WAIS) in Bakau.

It is not clear how they met, but according to a source: “They started dating when philandering Modou was still married to his second wife, Natou Dampha.

Saffie pushed Natou out of Modou’s life. He invited her twice to England before they got married. Only God knows if their marriage will stand the test of time and scrutiny, but he is a player and he doesn’t know how to stay committed to a woman. His parents support him on whatever he does because of money.”

Since the couple tied the knot, Modou’s career seems to be in tatters after a surprising drop in performance, demotion from first team football and eventual loaning to a lowly championship side, Leeds United.

Source WOG

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