Military Cooperation: Cds Massaneh Kinteh Visits Dakar

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Cds Massaneh Kinteh, Chief of the Gambian Armed Forces, pays a visit of friendship and work from 10th to  October 13th in Senegal.

This visit, which is part of the strengthening of military cooperation between the two countries, started yesterday morning with the reception of the general Kinteh by his Senegalese counterpart, general Cheikh Gueye.

During his stay, general Kinteh will also carry out visits to the National Navy, the island of Gorée and the garrison of Thies. The visit of the Chief of the Gambian Armed Forces is for sharing  experiences of the two armies and to benefit from training opportunities offered by Senegal. As both Gambian and Senegalese military leaders have pointed out, it is to follow the path set by the heads of State of the two countries to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between the two institutions aware that instability in one of countries will necessarily impact on the other, Senegal and the Gambia being Siamese brothers with common fates.

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