Minister Bai Lamin Jobe Denies any Deal on Banjul Seaport

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The Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure has said that The Gambia government has not made any deal with any firm or country on the country’s seaport.

In an exclusive interview published by the Point’s Newspaper, Minister Bai Lamin Jobe said the government has so far received five proposals on the seaport expansion project, but none has been given the green light to carry on with the project yet.

“Government has to put all dimensions into consideration before we make a decision.  So the thing you are talking about is something in the process and is not finalised.  There is nothing definite about it,” Jobe said.

The proposed project has been designed with extending one new jetty and building, a new approach bridge, channel dredging and maintenance dredging, rehabilitation container terminal, head office for the port authority, and pile repairing for Banjul Wharf.

However, other ideas being considered is the relocation of the ports to coasts of Tanji to enable deep sea vessels that are unable to dock at Banjul to be able to dock there in the future.

“You know that the activities at the seaport are drowning our city.  We cannot sit down and do nothing or engage in debates for the next 12 months on what to do.  The government has to make a decision which will be the best for the ports as a service and for the city,” Minister Jobe said.

So far, there are five proposals on the minister’s desk, coming from various internationally renowned firms in France, the UK, Holland, Dubai and China. 

“Everybody wants a piece of the ports so to speak, and we are looking at those proposals currently,” he said.

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