The Only Money Jammeh Gave Me Was $6,000…

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Fatu Camara is back in the Gambia, the popular journalist and instrumental figure in the fight against Jammeh dictatorship returns from a four-year exile in the US.

Ms Camara has denied during an interview with journalist Sanna Camara of the Point receiving any money or financial aid from ex-dictator Yahya Jammeh during the time she worked as the press director at the State House.

She added although Jammeh promised to pay her school fees back in 1996, the only money he ever gave her was $6,000, which was just one time.

“Jammeh never bought me a car or a house.  I have always been taking care of myself based on the contracts and the TV show I was running,” she said.

Fatu also denied that Jammeh bought a house for her: “That is not true.  He never bought me any house. If he did, let him prove it, be it where he is or here.  The house that I was occupying was my son’s house from his dad.  That’s where I was staying.”

“Besides, I do not accept financial gifts from people.  I could remember that when I separated from my husband, I was trying to find a house. And Jammeh said to me, ‘I can give you a house. I can give you money to rent a place’, and I said ‘no’,” she said.

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