Mr Mboob Rapes a 13 Years Girl and Accuses “Satan”

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A man accused of raping an underage girl at Latrikunda Sabiji has admitted to the charge but said he committed the crime because he was entangled by the work of Satan Daily Observer reported.

Mr Mboob faces accusation of intentionally engaging in a sexual act to wit; rape with a minor girl under the age of thirteen years in the month of June 2017 at Latrikunda Sabiji. “Yes, I did it but it was the work of Satan,” Mr Mboob told the court during his plea taking.

He also told the court that the victim’s father had passed away and the mother is currently married to him. “I adopted the victim since she was three months old,” he explained.

Mr Mboob has been charged with rape; the matter is transferred to the High Court to the proper jurisdiction and Mr Mboob is put under prison custody pending his appearance at the High Court.

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