National Apiculture Platform Launched

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The Department of Livestock Services under the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with AU-IBAR on Monday launched the National Apiculture Platform, at a ceremony held, at a hotel in Bijilo.

The platform was aimed at enhancing a smooth flow of operations by various stakeholders across the beekeeping value chain, owing to the fact that; Bees (Apis-mellifera) are social insects that are of paramount importance to the economic and ecological development of the country.
The launching was funded by the Africa Union’s Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR).
Speaking at the launching event, Sait Drammeh, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, revealed that The Gambia now joined 24 other countries that launched the National Apiculture Platform, saying the people of The Gambia and other West African countries have been keeping bees for quite a long time.
“Honeybees are exploited in all parts of The Gambia for economic, social and cultural reasons as well. Many beekeepers sell their products directly to customers, especially in remote areas. The harvesting and marketing of beekeeping products such as pollen, propels, and royal jelly is not practiced in The Gambia due to lack of knowledge, techniques, and equipment in the country,” he pointed out.

Here’s to illustrate, a video about Bee keeping in Gambia

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