NAWEC Initiates Cash Power Meters Directly

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The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) and Approve Service Money Transfer Ltd (APS) have launched a new service which will make it easy for Gambians in the Diaspora to top-up their CASH Power Meters with the click of a button.

Under the scheme, the first of its kind, users will only need to register online once at and start using the service on any meter in the Gambia at any time.

According to Lamin Sanneh, Chief Executive Office of Approve Services Money Transfer Ltd, the scheme will ease the cash power burden not only on families and loved ones but also on many mosques and other faith centres, schools, and other community centers in the Gambia who may find cash power top-up credit a challenge.

“Another benefit is that this top-up service gives assurance to senders that the money sent for top-up is going to be used 100 per cent for the purpose it is intended for, with no worries of potential diversion of funds for other use,” he said.

“Gambians in the Diaspora and friends of the Gambia should take advantage of this innovative scheme. It takes little effort to sign up and you save your families a lot of hassle, worry and time.

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