Nawec Plans to Increase Power Capacity to 129 Megawatts

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During a press briefing to update the public on issues around the presidency, Spokes woman Amie Bojang-Sissoho said one of the major preoccupations of President Barrow’s administration was to ensure affordable electricity to the entire population.

The president’s spokeswoman said the national energy company, Nawec, has rehabilitated three generators which have been down for over a year and they are providing an additional 18 megawatts of power at the moment.

“Nawec is also currently rehabilitating three other generators with a capacity of 21 megawatts and expected to be completed later this year and an additional 11MW generator is expected to be installed before the end of this year. Discussions are also at an advanced stage between Nawec and the Senegalese national electricity company, Senelec, for a cross-border electrification project were they will supply power to most parts of rural Gambia,” she said.

“Similar arrangements will be made for the Greater Banjul Area in due cause. In the medium term, Nawec plans to increase its [generating] capacity to 129 megawatts by 2020 through public and private partnership.”

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