NAWEC: US$66M Needed to Meet Gambia’s Power Supply Demand

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The Managing Director of NAWEC Baba Fatajo has revealed that his institution is expecting the situation of electricity to be greatly improved in the country once the US$22M NAWEC project of 11 Mega Watts (MW), funded by the Islamic Development Bank is completed.

According to him, they would still have a big gap even upon completion of the 11MW project. “NAWEC needs over US$66M to meet the projected power demand of power supply in the Gambia which is 150MW; the highest we could obtain was 80MW, which has now dropped to 40MW. So you can see the struggle we are facing,” he stated.
Mr. Fatajo made these remarks on Tuesday during a press conference and a caravan tour at Brikama and Kotu Power Stations.

“We are expecting about 30MW generation capacity in the next 18 months. The installed capacity of NAWEC is not sufficient to meet the customers’ demand and the problem has been aggravated due to the fact that we are only able to get half of the required capacity. Our business requires intensive capital investment and the resources are scarce, so we are faced with a situation whereby we still maintain engines that should have been decommissioned long time ago, but due to the situation, we have to manage with them,” he informed the press.

However, Demba Chune, revenue protection manager, at the Commercial Department of NAWEC has exposed that they were trying to reach all parastatals owing them by writing to them, noting that they intended to enter into an agreement with them on how to settle their debts.

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