NAWEC’s Director of Water Refutes Rumors of Contamination

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Speaking to journalists during a tour of the site in Brikama  Treatment Plant to explains the cause of water shortage the country is facing, John Camara, the company’s director of water used the opportunity to refute rumors of contaminated water being distributed by NAWEC.

He said: “The issue is that there is burst and a lot of sand gets into the pipe. But before we start running the system, we flush it out but inevitably, we do have few of the sand passing through the system and getting into people’s home. The reason why we have risk dual chlorine is that in the event that we have situations like this and the water is contaminated, the chlorine will fight the bacteria to make sure the water is safe for drinking. It’s well chlorinated. Generally, we have addressed that” he explained. Camara advised the people to always open their taps for a free flow of water in few minutes before using the water.

Rumors of Water Contamination have been circulating on the internet by Videos and Photos, here is one of them:

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