Negligent Medical Staff Critised For Mama Sally’s Death

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What is wrong with the Medical Staff of the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital? The Accident and Emergency unit of the Gambia’s main referral medical center were blamed Sunday for the death of an 18-year-old accident victim of a drunk driver.

Mama Sally victim of the accident has been refused medical care without the presence of police officers. In addition to the lack of “qualified medical doctor” on duty at the critical hospital unit, the only nurse present at that time has been blamed on social media for negligence. According to the words of a witness Malima Ceesay: “This nurse who seemed to hate her job spent about five minutes wearing her gloves alone”. He further added:“To add salt to injury, her supervisor suddenly appears from nowhere and says the victim wouldn’t be ‘touched’ in the absence of a police officer.”

Meanwhile, Mama Sally was lying on a stretcher on the hospital floor and pronounced dead before the police could arrive, an act that many are criticizing online as “gross negligence” on the part of medical staffers on duty.

“She could’ve been saved if the necessary measures were taken when she initially got to the A&E Unit. Besides, What is the essence of having an A&E Unit when accidents can’t be treated as emergencies?….. I still can’t wrap my head around how a human being could watch a fellow human die and do absolutely nothing about it,” said Ceesay, who is distraught about the incident.

The driver was under the influence of alcohol. He tried to run but lost control of the vehicle so he was forced to flee the scene on foot. A few hours later, out of sheer panic, he surrendered himself to the police.

No charges are pressed yet. He is reportedly the son of a police commissioner.

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