Nema Kunku: Security Officer Found Dead in Abandoned Pool

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One Sulayman Conteh was on Monday morning found dead in an abandoned pool at Indian Garden in Nema Kunku the Standard reported.

Sulayman was said to be working as a security officer at the said garden for over twenty years. Sources said from the look of his body, there was almost certainly foul play in his death. “His body was bloody and his legs and hands were tied with a rope,” a source told The Standard.

According to the sources, the police who have been investigating the case, initially arrested some people believed to be co-workers of Sulayman but they were later released. However, our sources said the police and the community are interested in another member of staff who is said to have left the Garden the same day, before the discovery of the corpse.

The community of Nema Kunku expressed shock and disgust about the manner of the suspected murder of Sulayman, and urged the police to bring the culprit or culprits to justice.

Police spokesman ASP Conta could not be reached for comments on the matter.

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