New parliamentarians meet today

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National Assembly

Today, the 10th of April 2017 will see the convergence in the National Assembly grounds of all the elected members of the National Assembly of The Gambia.

The Office of The Clerk of The National Assembly made the announcement in a press release a day before Election Day, for the reunion, which is meant to serve as a debriefing exercise for the incoming members of the House before their actual inauguration into office on The 12th of April 2017, one week after they were elected into their respective seats.

The Gambia completed a very peaceful and engaging Election in which according to the European Union Election Observation Mission’s preliminary statement

Candidates who were vying for the 53 seats in the National Assembly had confidence in the voter register, and the Independent Electoral Commission conducted polling and counting in full view of candidate agents and observers. In 16 hours of polls closure, the IEC Chairman had announced all elected members of the National Assembly.

Despite the poor voter turn-out, 42% as compared to 59% during the Presidential Elections, there were neither undue restrictions made on the candidates nor did the media operate under any form of censorship. A review of the constituency boundaries in 2015 however, fails to address the issue of electorate disparity.

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