New private TV stations for the Gambia

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New private TV stations for the Gambia

Gambians will soon be struggling with a new problem – which TV stations to watch?

Since the arrival of President Barrow, the Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure has been busy receiving torrents of TV license applications from all over the place.

The fall of Jammeh, who refused to allow any other TV station in the country apart from the national broadcaster, GRTS, has paved way for some Gambians to invest in the broadcasting industry.

According to information reaching What’s On-Gambia, Star FM has already secured their licence and could possibly start broadcasting soon.

Mediamadic, under the leadership of veteran journalist, Haruna Drammeh, is also hoping to start their own TV station.

Commenting on this development, Journalist Nfally Fadera said: “I think it is welcomed development. The ripple effect of having multiplicity of TV stations is innumerable. Not least, it would propel our creative industry to enviable heights. Potentially catapult the Gambia to the world, and it’d offer us the opportunity to rewrite and control our own narrative. Also, TV comes with a large employment opportunity for the masses.”

He added: “Nonetheless, in as much as liberalizing the TV market is a step in the right direction, I would admonish the state to be careful in the issuance of licenses. The Gambian market is pretty small, and as such, they should avoid saturating the market.

Nfally suggested that the government should follow the Greek model by auctioning a limited number of licenses to the highest bidders.”

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