NIA 9 Case: Sheikh Omar Jeng Admitted In Hospital Prison…

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Lawyer Ibrahim Jallow, attorney for Sheikh Omar Jeng, the former Director of Operations at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has told the Banjul High Court presided over by Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara that his client is hospitalized at the EFSTH since Friday.

“I visited my client, the third accused person, Sheikh Omar Jeng this morning (yesterday morning) and I also had a conversation with the Doctor in charge of him at the Edward Francis Smalls Teaching Hospital (EFSTH). He is suffering from pain and this happened during the period of this vacation,” he submitted.

Lawyer Jallow indicated that Jallow as well as the other accused persons were moved from the Remand Wing of Mile II and taken to places best known to the prison authorities.

“As a result of his confinement, my client has sustained serious injuries both internally and externally. We will wait for the medical report in order to present it to the court.

Sergeant Alfusainey Gibba from the Prisons Services told the Court that the accused person, Sheikh Omar Jeng is sick. He added that Sheikh Omar and others were moved from the Remand Wing because there was an incident that happened on the 3 September, 2018, were prisoners at the Remand Wing of Mile II kidnapped officers of the Prison Services and used the keys and opened doors for other prisoners to come out.

“As a result of this, we believed there was little bit of conspiracy and we moved them. We separated them and took some of the prisoners to the Security Wing at Mile II,” he explained.

He added that none of the prisoners was beaten.


Yakuba Jallow via Foroya

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