A Nigerian Steals a Laptop Valued D7500 at at Latrikunda

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A Nigerian national, one Samson Owhojekeri is entangled in a legal tussle, accused of stealing a laptop valued at D7500 reported Daily Observer in his legal matters column.

Mr Owhojekeri is accused of stealing the laptop from one Amadou Ndow in the month of October2016 at Latrikunda Sabiji.  The complainant, Mr. Ndow who is also the first prosecution witness in the trial told the Bundung Magistrate Court, yesterday that he gave his laptop to the accused who confirmed to him that the problem with the said laptop was the motherboard. According to the witness, he was doubting about what the accused told him about the laptop’s problem, but the accused convinced him that he could fix it.

“Samson convinced me that he could repair the laptop and that the price tag for the repairmen is D1200, but I told him that I can afford D500 and that he should inform me during the repair process but to my notice, I found out that he started making the machine in my absent” Mr. Ndow told the court.

Mr. Ndow, however, said that after a while he went to visit Samson for the machine but he told him that it was with his uncle who he said had travelled to Nigeria and both of them couldn’t have access to the laptop and he as well asked me if I wanted to sell the laptop, but I told him that it was not for sale.

“I told him that I needed the machine immediately and upon pressuring him, he told me the laptop was stolen, I asked him if he had reported the matter to the police, but he said he went to a marabou who asked them to take out a charity which Samson said they were working on. The laptop is valued at D7500 but that is not my concern, my concern is the content of the laptop, I reported the matter to the police” and a statement was taken which was tendered in court and marked as exhibit A.

During cross examination, Samson denied asking him if he wanted to sell the laptop.“I never told you I went to a marabou either I told you I went to a pastor for the laptop issue because am a Christian” Samson said. Mr. Ndow told the court that Samson told him about a marabou and not a pastor.

The matter was adjourned to the 10th of August for continuation.

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