There is no Reason to Turn Back to the old Tariffs – Gov’t

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The government announced through the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure that there is no reason to turn back to the old tariffs and that new fares are here to stay.

The Gambia government has said that in spite of the resentment among some commercial van drivers about the transport fare reduction, the new tariff will be maintained and enforced therefore all transport unions / associations and drivers are advised to abide by the new tariffs.

Reduction in all transport tariffs and fares announced by the government has been effective yesterday, 21 August. The reduction was effected due to the decrease in the price of fuel and after thorough consultations with relevant government stakeholders, transport unions and associations.

Notwithstanding, the new tariff has not been received well by a section of the drivers, mainly the commercial van drivers and a handful of taxi drivers who went on demonstration yesterday.

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