“We are not Afraid” Energy Minister Reacts to African Petroleum’s Threat

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Minister of energy and petroleum Fafa Sanyang has reacted to African Petroleum’s decision to take its dispute with the Gambia Government to court.

Speaking yesterday in an interview with The Point, Energy minister Fafa Sanyang said “Our position is very clear: they did not fulfil their work obligation as agreed; their licence expired in September last year, and they asked for an extension which was not approved,” the minister explained.

“It was agreed if they did not drill the blocks and there was no exploration their licence would not be renewed, and that was the case,” he added.

“We are not afraid about their threat to take us to court; we are on the right track,” he concluded.

This is the second time the petroleum company had threatened to sue The Gambia to court for extending their licence. The first threat to do so was in 2013, according to the minister.

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