Nyancho Claims Difference over Other Artistes who Supported Jammeh for Money

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Dodou Manneh commonly known as ‘Nyancho’ present at festival grounds in Kanilai for the victory celebration of the 5 parliamentarians from Foni, dwelled on the significance of the forum.

He said: “I have been coming to Kanilai and performing since when Jammeh was here thus I will continue to come here and perform 100%.”

He said he performed more than the way he used to perform when Yahya Jammeh was here. “If I was playing 100%, today I will play more than 300% just to show it to the people that even in his absence am here for him,” he added.

“Am different from other artists who don’t want to come here and perform, I believe that they were supporting President Jammeh because of his money. Yesterday, they were supporting me and injected a lot of resources towards the development of my music career. So my presence here is to reciprocate that generosity of Yahya Jammeh,” said Nyancho.

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