O.J. explains the Coalition’s Breakaway and regrets the selfishness

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Omar Jallow, alias O.J., the PPP leader, cum Gambian Agriculture minister has described the recent Coalition breakaway in the run-up to the National Assembly (NA) elections as elements of betrayal and selfish attitude among Coalition members.

O.J. told the gathering that Ousainou Darboe has been contesting against Jammeh’s APRC government during his 22 years rule, but was unable to defeat him.
He said when Adama Barrow came; Gambians looked at Gambia’s interest only and eventually defeated Jammeh within few months. “This is a manifestation that Allah supports unity; that is why people go to mosques and churches to worship the Lord in groups,” he noted.
“ Now in the run up to National Assembly elections, we could not agree to contest under the Coalition; with some saying they do not want their parties to die. These are signs of betrayals in our midst, stressed O.j”, he revealed during a political rally held on Thursday evening, at Latrikunda German, organized by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Kanifing Municipal (KM) Committee.

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