Omar O. Jallow: Electorate Should not Fear their Elected Leaders

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Omar Jallow alias OJ is very critic about the political issues in Gambia. The present agriculture minister was speaking during a recent meeting with Livestock dealers in Abuko as part of his familiarization tour of institutions under his purview.

Mr. Jallow said those elected into offices must not be seen as masters to their electorate, but as those elected to serve the interest of the masses.

According to him, elected public officers are there to serve the interest of their electorate and not to use powers entrusted to them by the people to intimidate or suppress them.

to this end, he called on public servants to encourage teamwork, discipline and respect chains of commands. “I am here to alleviate the peoples’ suffering, therefore I should serve their interests,” he said.

The Agric Minister equally called on public servants to encourage dialogue with the people they come to serve so that they understand each other better and work to resolve problems amicably.

He assured of his resolve to ensure a conducive working environment for staff under his Ministry.

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