‘I Am the One Who Defeated Jammeh’

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In France where he is visiting as part of his European tour, Mama Kandeh the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has said he caused Jammeh’s downfall during last December’s presidential election.

According to what has been published in the Standard, Kandeh said, addressing supporters in Paris,  “The talk in town that the GDC is supported by Jammeh is nonsense, because if that is the case then Jammeh must have been a fool because I am the one who defeated him. If there was no GDC, Jammeh would have been President as we speak now.” 

On why he did not join the coalition, Kandeh said: “My decision was not because I am selfish but it was because I knew very well prior to the Convention that everything was premeditated and calculated.”
He said although President Barrow was the least experienced among the candidates contesting for the leadership of the coalition, he went on to win “because even the other so-called party representatives were UDP supporters.”

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