Which One Of President Barrow’s Wives Will Accompany Him for Hajj ?

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 I am a young Gambian Lady who is a real fan of the President and his two beautiful wives. I last saw his second wife, Madam Sarjo Mballow-Barrow in public and was wondering whether she is still in mourning over the unfortunate and untimely demise of her eight-year-old son of blessed memory, or is she being treated unfairly because of a mythical cultural belief that relegate the role of second wives into a subordinating role in some of our traditional marriages.

There is no denying that our religion engenders equality in marriage and Muslim men are allowed to marry up to four wives. However, all forms of discrimination in polygamous marriages are unacceptable. As Head of State and someone whom is very passionate about gender equality and women’s right, I am urging President Barrow to emulate former President Sir Dawda Jawara and start addressing each wife as ‘Lady’ instead of ‘First Lady’ for only one wife. This will depict fairness and show the important roles each wife can play in portraying the image of peace and harmony in the lives of the first family.

If the information we are getting is true, President Adama Barrow will be performing his first Hajj to Saudi Arabia later in the week. It will be a fantastic music to the ears of many gender activists who are quietly murmuring their concerns behind closed doors about the subordinating role and the lack of official engagement of Mrs. Barrow No.2; if the President can travel to Mecca with both wives consistent with the dictates of our religion. I know some people will say that it is not my business to interfere in the private life of the president, but as a true Muslim and a respected public figure showing fairness and justice in all things that the president do is what makes a leader great.

Thank you for publishing my story and my sincere regards to President Barrow and his two wives and family.

Mba Ding Ding Jawara

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