Opinion: In Africa, Poverty is Innovation.

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 According to UNICEF, an estimated 30 million street children live in Africa, an additional 20 million from 2008. Being aware of this of fact, how does this make you feel?, what responsibility does this make you realize? or are you still questioning yourself on why our efficiency is lagging?.
I portrait Africa as a economy driven by multiple engines, extending my believes that young Africans are the pilot of the trails being built. Revisiting my inquisitive mind, I attempted to picture how the mindsets of such brave kids could boost our economies.

Street kids are helpless children who call the streets they troll ‘home’. They live in poor conditions and loiter about in torn shirts, ragged trousers and no shoes most of the times in the busy morning hours by the road sides of our busy cities.

Are these kids a blessing to Africa streets and economy as a whole?  

Among these children, exists a number of future African leaders who hope to play an important role in the society someday. Unfortunately, due to the rough world, society partially instilled a believe that they are of no importance to their communities.

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