Ousman Sonko Deprived of his Money

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The Federal Criminal Court (TPF) of Switzerland has confirmed the seizure of the cash found during the arrest of Ousman Sonko, last January, in the center of applicants of Lyss (BE). Gambia’s former Minister of the Interior is suspected of crimes against humanity.

Mr Sonko had challenged the seizure of its assets, explaining that he needed them to pay the fees of Mr. Philippe Currat, a specialist in international criminal law he has chosen for his defense. In a judgment released Wednesday, TPF Courts reminds Ousman Sonko that an official defence counsel had been appointed for him by the state.

After that the public prosecutor of the Confederation was advised of the mandate given to Me Currat, the defence counsel mandate has then been suspended. It is however not excluded that an agent of office resume the defence of Ousman Sonko, says TPF.

According to the judges of Bellinzona, it is unclear why he would not be able to effectively defend the interests of former Gambian Minister. Confiscated money, a total of nearly D628740, ($14,000) should be used to pay the costs of the proceedings. Ousman Sonko held with him Swiss francs, euros, dollars, and British pounds.

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