Ousman Sonko Will Remain in Detention, Gov’t Seeks Extradition

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The remand of former Gambian Minister of the Interior Ousman Sonko was once again extended for a period of three months. The former Minister is suspected of crimes against humanity.

The public prosecutor of the Confederation (MPC) said Thursday having extended the criminal investigation to other offences after the hearing of witnesses and several complainants. It is for this reason that he has requested an extension of the detention.

In the meantime, other denunciations were filed, said the MPC looking back on a Swiss German radio SRF information. It was unclear the nature of these new charges, recalling that the presumption of innocence applies.

In may, the MPC had already secured an extension of the detention of the suspect in order to continue its investigative work. The Gambian authorities have contacted the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Switzerland requesting for the possible extradition of the ex-Interior minister to face trial for his crimes in Banjul.

According to judicial sources in Switzerland, The Gambia has promised to give Sonko a fair trial if Swiss authorities agree to the extradition request. A possible extradition is the responsibility of the federal Office of justice.

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