Photo: Bolong Fenyo Wildlife Reserve in Gunjur Before and Now

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Before: The Bolong Fenyo Community Wildlife Reserve is a protected area owned by the community of Gunjur, covering 320 hectares. It has a very important and high diversity of avifauna. It is, more importantly, a roosting and feeding area for terns, gulls and other species. The Bolong Fenyo Community Wildlife Reserve is gazetted in 2008 as the first national community-owned reserve and has been an area under close monitoring as an African Waterfowl Census area since 2000.

Now:  Villagers of Gunjur in the Gambia, thought they already had experienced the worst as they found out today that their wildlife reserve Bolong Fenyo seems to be poisoned by the Chinese Golden Lead Factory. This factory is supposed to process fish to meal and fertilizer. Everything is red, and every living thing is dead. Villagers of Gunjur fear for their health and lives. ‘Our hearts broke today, and our anger has been fed to the limit. This paradise changed into hell’.

Chinese factory in background

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