Photo: Halifa Sallah Visits Victims of Sewage Crisis and of Fire Accident

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Coalition member of Parliament of the Serekunda Constituency Hon Halifa Sallah visits the drainage that comes from Lamin to London corner, Bakoteh, Kotu to find a solution to the problem the community is facing and continue to visit the Fire accident victims to sympathise with the family.

The Parliamentarian was dealing with the challenges of over flooding and the sewage problem in the area and a fire that left a family homeless.The Hon Parliamentarian contributed in the rebuilding of his constituency by donating building materials and roof iron. Along with Parliamentarian Hon Sedia Jatta, The IEC chairman Omar Njie and intellectuals like Sam Sarr and other prominent individuals in PDOIS, they highlighted the amount of work needed to improve the lives of the majority of Gambians at the grassroots. Serious Nation building is required to solve the sewage crisis and its effects on the environment.

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