Photo: Sang Marie Celebrated in Banjul

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Hundreds of Christians are engaged in a procession along the streets of Banjul on Tuesday to celebrate the feast of Assumption of the ‘Blessed Virgin’ Mary, which is called ”Sang Marie” in Gambia.

The Gambia Government has declared public holiday in honour of the Christian feast, which is known as the biggest feast in the Catholic Diocese of Banjul.

The ‘Virgin’ Mary, mother of Jesus is the designated Patron Saint of the Diocese of Banjul.

The Island outside the capital, Banjul ”Kombo St. Mary” is ned after Mother Mary. It is gathered that the name was given to the Island during the colonial era and it was influenced by the Christian missionaries.

The feast is also celebrated in the country with cultural dances and masquerades in Banjul and other major locations and municipalities in the country.

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