Police Arrest Over 155 People in Banjul

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The Gambia Police Force (GPF) have recently conducted a raid that has led to the arrestation of over hundred of people in Banjul.

According to reliable information reaching Daily Observer, the police conducted the raid following reports of rampant breaking and stealing in the capital city.

When contacted, the public relations officer (PRO) of The GPF, Inspector Foday Conta confirmed the development. He said the police in Banjul recently arrested 155 people and 69 of them were handed over to the Immigration Officials while the rest are under the police custody to appear before the courts for criminal charges.

PRO Conta added that almost most of the people arrested were from Nyamanari village. “These are the people that will call you and ask you to give out charity or to give them something. They are currently undergoing screening and those without documents; will be handed over to the Immigration Department for deportation, while others who are involved in criminal activities will be prosecuted.”

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