Police drop Three Charges Except One Against Journalist Baboucarr Nani Sey

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3 Charges against Sports Journalist Baboucarr Nani Sey arrested in connection with land dispute issues have been dropped by Police after his last convocation at Serekunda Police.

This morning Baboucarr Nani Sey was asked to report to SereKunda Police for the second time after his release upon arrival he was told the 3 other charges are dropped except one which is “Illegal gathering without a permit” under section 9 according to the Police they brought a paper saying they want to reframe the sentence and asked to sign which he refused to do, now he is asked to report on Thursday at 9 PM.

For recalling, Mr. Sey has been charged on four accounts of indictment namely, conspiracy to commit felony, assembly without seeking police permit, destruction of private property and unlawful use of banners. He has since denied the charges before being released on bail Sunday evening, June 11.

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