Policeman and cocaine: “I did not discover the alleged drug, I was told to…

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Deputy Police Commissioner of Banjul Division has revealed to a Banjul Magistrates’ Court that it was not him, personally, who discovered alleged cocaine from Abdoulie Darboe, Abdulatif Jabbi and Karamba Jammeh, but he was only told where the alleged drugs were hidden.

Responding to questions from Lawyer Hydara, defence counsel of the second accused person on Tuesday, before Magistrate Malafy Jarju, Bakary O. Jatta, who testified as first prosecution witness in the case agreed that he did not personally recover the suspected drug but he was only told where it was hidden.
He said the substance was recovered from the back pocket of the front seat of the car which the accused persons were in. He said he could not ascertain at the spot that the suspected drug was cocaine
Mr. Jatta said he only met the second accused person at Jimpex junction while he was driving in a Peugeot marked vehicle.
Testifying as third prosecution witness, Alieu Bangura, civil servant attached at the weigh and measures office said the accused persons were escorted to his office on 16th March, 2017 with suspected substance called cocaine.
He said all the three accused persons were called to witness the weighing which, he said was done on an electronic scale. He said the substance was emptied on a scale and put in a balance which indicated 42g and 9mg.
Mr. Bangura told the court that a weigh certificate was issued which was thumb printed by the three accused persons with their names written on it. “I then wrote the names of the two officers and they signed I and I wrote my name and signed on behalf of the controller and stamped it,” he said

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