“Posseded” Woman Hangs Herself in Salaji Forest Park

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After the police officer’s suicide last week, again this week we are hearing of another person taking his own life. Fatoumatta Jallow, a 33-year-old resident of Mariama Kunda Village, Kombo North, was recently found hanged in Salaji Forest Park.

Fatoumatta is believed to be from Guinea and was reported to have been “possessed” and had made several trips to Guinea for possible exorcism according to information published by the Standard.

Fatoumata went missing last Monday after saying she was going to answer the call of nature. She eluded her minder and headed for the forest park. According to Mariama Kunda alkalo, Yaya Manneh, Fatoumata’s family raised alarm after she went missing for an inordinate time. The villagers raised a search mission to look for her.

“Initially, the search yielded nothing. However, children from the neigbouring Sareh-Pateh village later found her lifeless body hanging from a tree near Salaji forest,” the alkalo said.

The deceased is survived by two sons.

The rising numbers of suicides now and is a symptom of a society with deep rooted problems. Therefore, society should look into itself and try to find the root cause, and thus a solution.

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  1. the issue is mental illness, an issue which is usually shunned in third world countries. she was probabyl schizophrenic and heard voices which she was told to pray incessantly for to stop. the right help was not given


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