Why does President Aziz call back his ambassador in Gambia?

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Mediator of the last minute, he worked with Alpha Conde to convince Yahya Jammeh to leave power and Gambia. Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz did not appreciate the shy reception reserved to him on February 18, at the inauguration ceremony of his successor, Adama Barrow.

The close tie between the new President of the Gambia and his Senegalese counterpart, Macky Sall, has indeed relegated to the rank of the Mauritanian head of state. While Adama Barrow personally welcomed Macky Sall at the airport, before parading alongside him in the streets of the capital aboard a convertible limousine, Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz had to be content with being received by the vice- President, Fatu Tambajang.

During the ceremony, of which Macky Sall was the guest of honor, the Mauritanian felt like a simple guest. He also slipped away before the end, thus avoiding hearing the speech of Adama Barrow, focused on his Senegalese “brother” and on the excellent relations between their two countries.

Crumpled also with Dakar, the head of state, one of the only ones on the continent to have maintained a fruitful relationship with the infamous Yahya Jammeh, immediately recalled his ambassador to Banjul, whom he appointed to Washington immediately. The only hitch, no successor is yet announced, despite the presence in the Gambia of an important Mauritanian community. With Dakar, the atmosphere is no more warm, since Nouakchott has just expelled forty Senegalese fishermen accused of fishing in prohibited zones.

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