President Barrow Commited to End Gambia’s Isolation and Introduce New Reforms

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The Gambian leader His Excellency President Adama Barrow has said that his government is ready to end the country’s isolation and introduce robust institutional, electoral and constitutional reforms. He said these would be done in line with our new democratic principles that will respond to the realities of our time.

In his first appearance before the country’s lawmakers yesterday President Adama Barrow took a little over an hour to outline his government’s policies and programmes for the new legislative session of the National Assembly. The President touched all areas. Some of the main points raised included Energy, Security and Defense, Information and Communications and Agriculture.

“To ensure that our military remain effective and professional, we plan to set up an infantry centre and school, as well as a military academy to train our officers and other personnel in all aspects of military science,” he asserted about the security and defense of our country. 

About informations and communications sector, President Barrow disclosed that an agreement was reached as an immediate priority on the need to put in place a communications strategy that will facilitate regular communication and engagements with the public. 

President Barrow said his government is expecting to make critical development gains from improving the skills of our youth and encouraging them to participate in agriculture and supporting  farmers and farming businesses.

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