President Barrow to Launch Kunta Kinteh Ferry Today

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President Adama Barrow is scheduled to launch the new Kunta Kinteh ferry at The Gambia Ports Authority in Banjul Today.

The Gambia’s new ferry Kunta Kinteh has been lowered on June 7th at the Banjul sea port to begin work between Banjul and Barra, one of Gambia’s most crucial crossing points.  

This New Ferry which was bought from Holland in October 2016 is more spacious than the previous old ferries and would surely ease traffic, delay, and congestion. Kunta Kinteh will be serving between Banjul and Barra, more than 5km crossing point. It is one of Gambia Ports Authority -GA- main revenue source.

The Ferry can carry up to 2000 people without other landed goods. It can carry 27 cars with 4 trucks and 718 people. It has a total tonnage of 14.

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