President Barrow “Rice creates a lot of employment opportunities for many women”

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President Adama Barrow proves he had a sense of humor when he acknowledged his predecessor’s letter, advising him to keep the rice fields running for a more vibrant rice production, at Jahali and Pacharr, in the Central River Region (CRR).

The president heeds to this genuine advice and his recent visit to these sites pointed out that it’s important for his administration to manage the farms as it creates a lot of employment opportunities for many women who are actively involved in rice production.

The president, however, affirmed that Chinese expertise would be a requisite in the whole revitalization process, with their proven track record of transforming the country’s rice industry into a more vibrant and productive sector. He was optimistic that the Chinese technology must have now improved to larger extent compare to 70s when they were handling those sites in the region.

Today, rice production remains one of the most important agricultural activities in this country, and rice, as a staple food is equally important to so many Gambians. Therefore, it’s our conviction that President Barrow looks at rice production holistically and draw a policy framework so that the country can start exporting rice to other countries.

Mr. Barrow, although gave no comprehensive prescription as to what was needed for the revitalization, yet remain optimistic that his government would have a meeting with the Chinese technical team over the project. This also signals another new beginning between The Gambia-China relations – from diplomacy to agriculture.

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