President Barrow’s Ashobi Creates Controversy on Social Media

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An Ashobi bearing the portrait of President Barrow has created controversy on the Gambian side of social media today.

Originally the ashobi at the origin of the controversy was made by the Gambian Committee of New York for the next visit of the President Barrow in these places. But the gesture was misinterpreted by Gambian Social Media users who are still living under the fear caused by the totalitarian regime of Jammeh. The debate raged on facebook between those who defend the gesture and those who see an intention tantamounts to mystifying him to serve as a new dictator fearing that President Barrow may walk in the footsteps of his predecessor.

This type of clothing was introduced in Gambian political sphere by exiled President Jammeh, so are Barrow’s supporters already thinking along those lines too ?

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