President Barrow’s real reasons of trip to Congo Brazzaville

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Gambia`s President Adama Barrow`s Press Director Amie Bojang-Sissoho has said in a statement issued on Sunday that Barrow`s two day ‘friendly’ visit to the Central African country Congo Brazzaville was centred on the ‘persistent crises in Africa’.

According to Madam Sissoho President Barrow and is counterpart President Denis Sassou of Brazzaville held talks on crisis in Africa, particularly South Sudan and Burundi.

“The two Heads of State expressed concern on the persistent crises in African countries such as South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Central Africa Republic. They pledged to work together to promote dialogue to guarantee peace and stability,” said Madam Sissoho.

She said the Heads of State affirmed their commitment to realization of the Agenda 2063, which calls for the transformation of the African continent and the construction of “the Africa we want”.

“They took note of the importance of regional integration for the realization of the development objectives of the continent,” she added in a statement.

She further explained that President Adama Barrow’s visit to Congo is a two day friendly visit to the Republic of Congo to cement the friendly and brotherly relations between the Republic of The Gambia and the Republic of Congo. She said the visit was at the invitation of his Congolese counterpart.

According to the statement, the two Heads of States expressed joy in the excellent friendly and brotherly relations that exists between them and called for it to be re-enforced between the people of the two countries according to her.

“On global affairs, they renewed their commitment to fight terrorism, which threatens peace and security and retards development efforts. To that effect, they expressed solidarity with all countries affected by the barbaric and violent acts of terrorist groups, and equally determined to support the International community in its efforts against this evil phenomenon,” she indicated.

The two presidents equally reaffirmed their position as Africans on the proposed reform of the Security Council of the United Nations and on other matters of interest to the world.

This is Barrow’s first visit to the Central African state after his election in December, the move that many criticize saying the Gambia’s President has nothing to learn from a dictator who entrenched himself on to power for several decades.

News in Congo Brazzaville

President of Congo Brazzaville Denis Sassou Nguesso

Pa Samba Jow a Gambian Human Rights Activist based in the US wrote on his facebook timeline:

“To say that I am disappointed by President Barrow’s visit to Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville is an understatement. This man is one of Africa’s foremost tyrants, who just like Jammeh, pillaged his country’s resources amid an entrenched dictatorship. President Barrow must understand that the whole oppressed world looks to The Gambia and our president for inspiration, thus making it absolutely sad that he will visit such a vicious tyrant.”

In reaction to Barrow`s trip, Samba Jallow of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress also updated his facebook status and wrote:

“As we commit ourselves to a rebirth of a new nation, and a path of common purpose and restoration of Gambian value, we must all exhibit our disapproval of our president’s visit to Congo Brazzaville, and join the voices of dissent to express our frustrations and disappointments, president Barrow’s visit defies the broad public interest which is like a glue that keeps us together as citizens of The Gambia.

“The question many are asking is why is Barrow dining and winning with a dictator and what broad national interest has his visit for The Gambians? This has created lots of speculative answers which are not healthy for President Barrow’s administration.”

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