President Trump attacks Snoop Dogg after ‘Gun’ Music Video

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President Trump is biting back at Snoop Dogg over the rapper’s politically charged new music video — the latest chapter in a rollercoaster saga between the billionaire and the hip-hop star.

Trump slammed the “Gin and Juice” artist for including a scene that shows Snoop pointing a fake gun at the head of a clown inspired by the President in his video for “Lavender” — and even suggested the rapper’s antics could be worthy of time behind bars.



In the scene in question, Snoop fires off the weapon at the Trump-inspired clown’s head, only for a flag reading the word “bang” to pop out.

Snoop, 45, explained his reasoning for the polarizing scene in a recent interview with Billboard, telling the music outlet he wanted his video to address prominent social issues.

Watch President Trump Praised Snoop Dogg Before ‘Gun’ Music Video

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