Professor Sidibeh ready to hold public therapy sessions with victims of Jammeh

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A Gambian psychologist, Professor Sidibeh says while justice must be given consideration by the Government, the country can’t move on without a “healing process”, adding “that is why truth and reconciliation commission is important”.

“After 22 years of dictatorship that Gambians have undeservedly gone through, there are bound to be lots of psychological implications,” he says.

“Justice should prevail but there should also be a healing process… A committee of psychologists and social workers should be used to work on the minds of the victims.

 “There could also be a radio or TV program to talk about the psychological problem of the people in general…”. The new government that toppled the dictator has promised to reconcile the people who are still nursing the wounds of 22 years of misrule.

However, the commission that the government intends to establish, according to the justice minister Bubacarr Tambedou, will come in September 2017.



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