Ram Prices will be Reasonable for Tobaski

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Alhagie Kebba Jobe, the president of the livestock Association, has re-assured Gambians that there will be adequate rams for sale in the country with affordable prices for consumers.

Mr Jobe said many factors are responsible for the increasing prices of rams, such as the depreciation of the dalasi to CFA, delay at the ferry crossing point sometimes, checkpoint hurdles, and documentation of animals among other taxes levied on foreign livestock dealers.

Interviewed by the Point, he said that currently there are rams available at Abuko that are sold from D5,000 to D25,000, depending on the type and size of the rams one would need and the consumers’ financial strength.  More rams will be brought into the country, which will greatly help the consumers to buy rams at cheaper prices.

Mr  Jobe further emphasised that this year 2017, there will be more than enough rams for sale for the Tobaski at reasonable prices in the sense that when the supply is high , the prices will be forced down .

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