The Real Reasons Behind Musa Batchilly’s Dismissal of GDC

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Musa Batchilly was on the 24th expelled from the political party of Mama Kandeh GDC without any reasons being advanced for his dismissal.

The now ex-Diaspora Spokesperson and senior executive member of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has been accused of undermining Mama Kandeh, leader of the GDC and also engaging into practices that against the Code of Conduct and Principles of the GDC, according to Mamos TV but there was no reasons stated in the press release issued by the GDC regarding Batchilly’s dismissal.

According to him in the paper published by Freedom Newspaper, he declares: “I have nothing against Mama Kandeh. But I have problem with his lack of transparency, accountability and probity as a leader. Mr. Kandeh, is very secretive, when it comes to finances. He is not open to us at all. The way he runs the GDC, is not right. You cannot run a party without proper administration. The GDC administration is incompetent and inept. Ahmad Kah, has advised them to introduce proper administrative, accounting, and auditing procedures, but they never heeded to his advice. Kandeh is a man of his own. He does what he wants in the GDC party,” he said.

Mr Samba Baldeh, Administrative Secretary of the GDC said the reasons​ for the expulsion of  Bachilly’s expulsion are; that he was constantly going against the Code and Principles of the party and he is also accused of undermining the party leader, Mama Kandeh. He further revealed that Batchilly said he is not ready to accept being led by Mama Kandeh anymore and he even called on Kandeh to resign from being the chairman and leader of the GDC.

Musa Batchilly in his reaction through Mamos Tv, said the decision of the GDC to expel him from the party is so ‘childish’.

Mr. Batchilly said he is not surprised because to him, he ceased to be a member long ago.

“I left the GDC since the 13th of June when I had a bitter argument with Kandeh about how he runs the GDC while he (Kandeh) was in Guinea Conakry for a mission,” he revealed.

” My hands are clean. I left the GDC with clean hands. No one at the GDC dares accuse me of wrongdoing,” he said.

Mr Batchilly however said, his detailed reaction and reasons of leaving the GDC will be made public when he speaks to the media this coming Tuesday.

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