Remembering Solo Sandeng: a Touching Testimony from Ebraima Manneh

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Remembering Solo Sandeng, Today marks his anniversary death, now investigations start to find out the truth of his assassination.

It was during the National Organising Secretary at the Party congress held in Basse, when he was killed.

This is a touching testimony from Ebraima Manneh, Former UDP Senior Administrative Secretary  The United Democratic Party has lost a dedicated and willing member. He was a combination of a fearless foot soldier and an intelligent party officer whom it will be impossible to replace. He spoke both Mandinka and Wolof with dextrosity and was regularly interpreting in one or the other of these languages at public rallies and meetings.

His gratuitous death will be marked as one more senseless and incredulous and desperate acts of a decadent and corrupt regime that has for over two decades reeked immense havoc and sorrow to every family in Gambia The UDP membership along with scores of thousands of sympathizers all over the world, the majority of whom do not even know him, pray that God the Almighty grant him peace wherever he is and protect his young family. He goes to join heroes the like of Steve Biko. We will miss him.

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