Revelations: How Colonel Ndour Cham Was Arrested And Killed by the Jugglers?

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If Ndour Cham were alive today he would have been reinstated back into the army and be honoured as a national hero. But this is not the case he fell prey to Yahya Jammeh. Ndour Cham is no more. His family should conduct a community prayer service for him.

He was in Senegal and he would time to time visit his native village of Numu kunda yet un- notice.Message came to the NIA that Ndour did come to the village time to time to stay un-notice but only very few knew about this in the village and these were his close confidants. The NIA scouted out who were his best friends and associates in the village- they found one.

The man agreed to get Ndour and hand him over. One day he came up with different photos depicting Ndour Cham to convince his recruiters. The photos were checked, verified and ascertain as Ndour Cham amidst Yankuba beaming with happiness that The Gambia’s Osama Bin Laden days were numbered. The man went home with a lot of cash however, warning that if Ndour were captured, he should not be killed. Satan (Yankuba Badjie) agreed. Blood is thicker than water- the man began to sense some biological remorse in him. This time his marabouts failed him as his capture was eminent.

He laid tramp on his native (Ndour Cham). Ndour was comfortably seated at his ranch. Yankuba was called to quickly dispatch a team to the village to arrest him. The Jugglers headed by Nuha Badjie coordinated the siege along with DDG Yankuba. This was in 2013 sometime between August and September, He was arrested in the most brutal fashion; blood oozing out in almost every part of his body. He was taken to Tanji NIA complex and detained unconscious. He never knew where he was until few days later when a panel was constituted against him. Alagie Morr Jobe was part of the panel. NIA chief camera man was also present. Juggler heavy weights were always at the panel. Louis Gomez was happily in attendance. Ndour’s arrest was known to only few at the NIA. Tanji premise was out of bounds, security guards were evacuated. Ndour implicated those already serving their prison terms and also implicated Isatou Njie Saidy, the former Vice President for her knowledge of the coup but for whatever reasons she was spared. Senegal: ‘Wade’s government was complicit in the failed coup,’ Ndour posited.

At the conclusion of the investigations, he was asked to make a plea which he did. He appealed to the panelists to tell the president to forgive him and spare his life. “Please tell him not to kill me, let him spare my life so I could spend the rest of my life in Mile 2 just like my colleagues”, he emotional stated. The Jugglers despite being heartless were very much moved by this statement; Nuha Badjie left the panel and relayed the message to President Jammeh who was anxiously waiting for the outcome of the panel. “Kill him, he would have killed me and you if he had succeeded,” Babili Mansa groaned.

Ndour Cham was speeded off to his final resting place where he was asked to dig his own grave; he was killed and buried somewhere in the woods of kanilai.

What is sad was he was never produced before any courts. One could say that, Ndour was abducted, tortured and killed and therefore his killers should be brought to book.

Written By An Insider, with freedomnewspapaer

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