Discover how Sana Manjang killed his victims

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In what sources described as an effort to hide evidence, Sana Manjang is said to have poured a lot of concrete cement into one of the wells housing the bodies of many of his victims, key among which are Harona Jammeh, Massey Jammeh, and Ebrima Chief Manneh. He did this according to a source that reached out to Fatu Network, right before he fled to Guinea Bissau where he is currently seeking refuge, trying to avoid prosecution in The Gambia.

Sana was the most notorious of Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s cruel enforcers – his killing style of innocent victims is legendary even among the Jungulars who were just as cruel and worked under him. Tales of Sana’s killing exploits are so gruesome, they sound like scenes out of the movie Frankenstein – cutting victims’ stomach open while they are wide awake, cutting some into pieces like a butcher are all evil acts associated with this Jammeh right-hand man. He is said to have frequented this well that the hell hole came to be called Sana Manjang’s well. The well is located in Unor, in the Fonis.


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