As for Sandeng’s Case, Gov’t Must Investigate the Killing of Haruna Jatta

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GDC leader Mama Kandeh has urged the government to investigate more thoroughly into the killing of Haruna Jatta of Kanilai village.

“We have not heard anything from them yet; not even a pronouncement from The Gambia government saying anything about what happened in Kanilai, he said. “We need more information of what happened, if they cannot explain then we are calling on ECOWAS to explain what happened as it is a concern to every Gambian.

Mamma Kandeh said The Gambia government should show the same concern with the killing of the protester as it had shown in the case of the late Solo Sandeng.

“Just like the killing of Solo Sandeng is a concern to every Gambian, the killing of Haruna Jatta and others who were victims are also of concern to the people.” He said on Tuesday at a press conference at an Hotel.

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