Secret graves of people killed by Yahya Jammeh regime have been discovered by the police

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Secret graves of people killed by Yahya Jammeh APRC regime have been discovered by Gambia police investigators and a team of forensic experts. In the Tintiba Forest, not far from the Dumbuto Firing Range, in Bwiam, a spot believed to hide the graves of December 30th, 2014 State House attackers, was identified. Police will start exhuming the grave after notifying the December 30th victims’ family to seek their presence.

Another secret grave believed to coat the remains of Lance Corporal Tumani Jallow and Abdou Gaye, a businessman, was uncovered in Santanba Forest near Bajonkoto Village, West of Bwiam. Both were kidnapped and secretly killed by Yahya Jammeh’s Junglers, shortly before the last December Presidential election. Junglers arrested and charged for their participation in the secret killings and burials continue to help The Gambia Police in their investigations, revealed the journalist, Frederick Tendeng in his facebook account

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