Seedy Njie breaks silence after defeat

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The spokesman of the APRC, Seedy S. K. Njie, who contested for his party in the April 6 parliamentary election, has finally opened up to his surprising defeat to NRP’s Amadou Camara in the Nianija Constituency. He said he accepted the results as it is officially announced by the Independent Electoral Commission.

“I believe in Allah so much and I hardly feel disappointed. I am really not disappointed. So many things happened but I lost, I lost. People cannot believe it but I lost the election.”

Seedy said he was very optimistic that he will win but unfortunately he lost. He added that he put the election behind him.

When asked if the result is an indication that majority of the people in his constituency do not want him to represent them, he replied in the negative, drawing the attention of the reporter to the statistics of the results.

On the credibility of the results, he said, he wouldn’t want to talk about the election results for now as it is too early.

On if he will contest in the next parliamentary election, the outspoken APRC executive cast doubt, saying the next five years is too far and Allah knows best.

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