Senegal Deports Controversial Activist Kemi Séba

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The controversial French-Beninese activist Kemi Seba has been expelled from Senegal, RFI Africa is reporting.

According to RFI, Senegal said that it considered Mr Seba’s presence in the country a serious threat to public order.

The activist who is opposed to the use of the CFA franc in several West and Central African countries, burned a 5,000 CFA ($9;£7) franc note in public last month.

He was charged for his action but was acquitted by a court in the Senegalese capital, Dakar.

Le Parisien, the French daily newspaper, reports that one of Mr Seba’s lawyers, Khouraissi Ba, confirmed that he was deported to France on Wednesday and denounced the action as “an illegal expulsion”.

Despite this expulsion, Kemi Seba’s supporters have vowed to continue their protest against the CFA franc, RFI reports.

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